17 Reasons We Love 17hats

Even when we do our absolute best, we can’t all be superheroes.

While there are areas of our businesses that thrive, there are always areas that could see some improvements. For us, one of the big areas we were lacking in was back-end paperwork (contracts, invoices) and numbers (bookkeeping). Fortunately, we discovered this awesome program pretty early in our birth photography businesses!

Before we dig into the nitty gritty of today’s content, we want you to know something: We are not being paid to share this with you and this is NOT an endorsed blog post! We have received all of zero dollars in exchange for writing this.

We simply LOVE this program and because it helps us so much, it’s only natural we would tell you about it!

17 Reasons We Love 17 Hats

  1. The user interface is easy enough for a middle-schooler.
  2. They have an automation option for, basically, everything.
  3. It makes us look like we have our s**t together. :) (Well, thanks to 17hats, we kind of do!)
  4. You easily use 17hats even if you offer more than one type of business/service. This is particularly great for those of us who shoot birth photography on top of other session types: weddings, portraits, etc.
  5. On that note - we love their templates! 17hats allows you to create numerous templates of any kind! Quotes, contracts, emails, the list goes on. (This is also another pro when you are offering different services which need different contracts and workflows.)
  6. You can set up automatic invoicing and automatic email reminders about upcoming payment due dates.
  7. You can email your clients from inside the app so no need to have a million tabs open on your browser!
  8. You can sync your calendar so nothing is missed. But, even better, 17hats will alert you if you are already booked on the same day!!
  9. Each client receives a profile which is automatically saved, so when they book you in the future their contact information is already there, ready to go!
  10. You can also make private notes about clients in their profile that only you can see!
  11. You can have multiple projects assigned for each client. (Think: maternity, birth, and newborn!)
  12. Once you set up your custom workflow, you can turn it “on” and “off” with a click of a button.
  13. Accurate bookkeeping can be done right inside the app! (Finally! A language we understand!)
  14. On that note, you can export your bookkeeping data directly to Quickbooks for easy delivery to an accountant!
  15. The convenient and helpful dashboard holds all the pertinent information, including any unpaid invoices and unsigned contract alerts.
  16. You can accept credit card payments through 17hats by synching with your Stripe OR Square account. Talk about convenient for your clients!
  17. It is basically a one stop shop for your business: invoicing, contracts, email, calendar, to-do lists and bookkeeping! But you can also opt-out of any one of these services if you have something else that is already working for you. Only use 17hats in the ways YOU need!

Who doesn’t love something that helps keep their business professional and their brand cohesive?!

That’s exactly why we LOVE 17Hats!

Are you currently using a client management system and found that it's totally your jam? Whether its 17hats or not, we would love to hear what is working for you!

Comment below and tell us about what's working for you!

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